About the author


I'm  Karla Lee - Founder / Author

I grew up in Sydney, Australia, dancing, and performing from a very young age. This grew to become a passion of mine, where I performed in many musicals and talent quests.

My parents separated in 1982, and I stayed living in my family home with my father up until I finished school in 1989.
I then graduated with a Diploma from "The Australian Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1991. I continued to dance and perform throughout my life, playing a part in my Local Community and Church.

Writing and Directing has also been a great passion of mine.

I have been married for 18yrs, and have two beautiful daughters.
My Story is a true testament that the Child of Divorce can go on to having a very fulfilling life.

My Books;

I wrote "Please Don't Go!" to give some insight into the struggles that I faced in my life after my parents’ divorce. I share with you the pain and confusion I felt at the initial time they told us of the break-up.

I will show you how the feeling of isolation and loneliness affected my childhood as all the security and comfort I had become nothing in just a moment.

My mother was no longer going to be around, and as a little girl that meant far more than I could have realised at the time.

My Dad was hardly around either and I felt so rejected that I ended up seeking even more rejection; it was all I knew. I became rebellious, seeking love and attention in all the wrong places. This led me to an emotional and verbally abusive relationship. My relationship with my father slowly died after my father was engaged. I was asked at 17 something no child should ever be asked, and that was to deny my mother's existence within my father's home.

I realised pretty quickly my stepmothers' insecurities were starting to feed through to my father and I could no longer live with them. In return for me not denying her mother, I slowly lost my relationship with my father.

Finally, after much pain and heartache, I found true love, and it was unconditional. I had peace back in my life, and a true understanding of why I am here.

"Is It my Fault?" was a Companion Book that I knew I needed to write with "Please Don't Go!" as I felt the younger Children would relate more to illustrations besides just words. I also designed the Puppet Dolls to go with this book.

In 2014 I released E-Books, and now taking my journey Global.
I am excited as to what the future holds for Voice4Kids.

We want to bring a Voice

Our Voice4Kids website is here to help give children, parents & step-parents informative information when going through a separation or divorce.

Whether you are recently separated or divorced, Karla Lee has something to help your family communicate and reconnect. Through her personal experience being a child of divorce at the age of 9, Karla has helpful information, tips, and resources for both Children & Parents/Step-parents.

Karla's personal story is a Testimony to all that Children of Divorce can go on to have a very fulfilling life. Since her book launch in 2003, Karla has been working on giving "Children a Voice" globally.

Karla's desire is to shed light on "The Child's Perspective" and help families communicate today. In her books, Karla shows an open, honest, and raw perspective of how her Parents Divorce affected her, and in most cases affects other children.