Barbara Holborow (OAM)

Former Magistrate of the NSW Children's Courts

"Karla Lee has captured the answer to help so many children and parents when separation or divorce occurs.

With the illustrations children and young people will be able to absorb the important message Karla is sending". (Barbara is referring to the Book "Is it my fault?")

"I found this book very insightful into things in my life and my two young children, and how divorce can affect my kids, and how I can lesson the impact on them.

Karla opens her heart and mind for us all to see. It is very open, raw, honest and enlightening. I found it very helpful."

(this father is referring to both Books "Please don't go!" & "Is it my fault?")

Father of 2 young Children

(5 and 8)


"After working closely with children who have been unheard, unnoticed victims of separation and divorce for nearly ten years, this book gives me hope that at last children can find a way to share the range and depth of emotions adults are largely oblivious to. 

Many parts of this story echoed what children have struggled to express to me over the years. This story gives a voice to many voiceless young children." (Lily is referring to the Book "Please Don't Go!")

 Lily Roberts-Everett

Executive Manager: Interrelate & Managing Director: Kids First,

Supervised Contact Specialists Convenor Australian Children's Contact Services Association (ACCSA)


"I would recommend this book as a valuable resource for young people struggling with family problems. Karla's struggle to overcome the legacy

of separation is truthful and touching." (Barbara is referring to the Book "Please don't go")

Barbara Adair

Parent Line