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Karla's Story

Karla Lee's parents separated when she was nine years old.

During the seventeen years that followed she struggled with the pain of her parents’ divorce. Many times Karla tried to move on but too many bad memories drew Karla back to her past.

"I lost what I called my family, home and security"; says Karla.  Karla felt that something that was so precious to her was taken away and she had no say in it.

Karla struggled with the issues of rejection, rebellion, anger, and depression. Through her teens, Karla didn’t really know what she was meant to do or be, so she started seeking attention in all the wrong places. Her personal relationship with guys was built on rejection and insecurity.

Then as Karla grew older she knew what was lacking in her family and that was communication.

"From the first day my parents told me they were separating, and then for many years after, I was never asked, How am I doing?”

Karla Lee

As Karla grew up she felt to write about her experiences as a child of divorce as she knew that one day she would be able to recognise other children’s pain in this area and somehow help them with guidance and knowledge.

Plus Karla felt could help guide parents from her own personal experience.

Karla started writing, but she knew her heart was still full of anger and hurt, so she stopped writing.  Karla's life was one emotional roller coaster, and especially in the areas of relationships.

After 5 ½ years, Karla walked out of an emotionally abusive relationship and straight into a Church in Sydney, with her Mothers best friend.

After a few months of Christian Counselling and unconditional love from her Heavenly Father Karla knew her broken heart was beginning to heal.

Karla now felt loved in a way that she has never felt loved before.

Karla was starting to learn life principals, forgiveness, unconditional love, and respect for others and herself. Karla was starting to become strong again and I believed that she could have a brighter future, no matter how bad things seemed.

"Karla said; All things are possible, and now I can move forward into my destiny."

Within a year of being at the church, Karla felt the urge to start writing again. She didn’t want this book to be just another talk on the topic of divorce, but a true story on how divorce can affect a child.

Karla always had a passion for children and has worked with many children as a Nanny, babysitting, and children a Women's Refuge.

So Karla has seen the pain and rejection from which children can suffer. Karla always found it hard to watch Parents who didn’t seem to make time for their kids.

Karla said; "To see a child’s spirit broken is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen, so I wanted to let children know that they are not alone with their feelings."

Karla then searched through all the bookstores, trying to find a book about divorce, written by a child, but she couldn't find anything.

Karla said; "I was concerned as I thought I was the only person who could explain how it truly feels to go through a divorce as a child; is a child. I then knew I had to be the one to write this."

As Karla grew up she basically counselled herself and observed how other parents coped with their divorce but nothing seemed to be directed to the child’s pain and how they felt at the time.

So Karla decided to step out and do something she'd never done before, Self-Publish her own books.

No Publishers at the time seemed to think that her books were what they considered in “their line of work”, but Karla still knew that the children needed A VOICE.

Karla then found an editor over the Internet who offered to drive from another state to edit her work.

Many other friends of Karla's also generously helped her with pulling the books together, especially her Mother and Stepfather Colin, who funded the project.

Karla Lee wasn’t going to give up. She was working full-time but decided to take a week of work because the process of writing the book wasn’t happening fast enough for her. Karla had so much information in her head.

"I thought my head was going to explode"; says Karla.

Karla wrote "Please Don't Go!" in 3 months and then she illustrated and wrote the Children’s Book "Is It My Fault?" in 1 week.

Karla said; "It has been a 4 Year journey with these books, but it has all been worth it."

Karla then got to work designing Counselling Puppet Dolls to go with the Children's book "Is It My Fault?". Karla wanted these puppet dolls to assist in helping children express their feelings to their parents or family members if they are finding it hard to talk.

Karla needed Endorsements, so off she went calling up anyone and everyone she felt would find these kinds of books helpful for Families.

In the end, it was people like Barbara Holborow (Former-Magistrate of the NSW Children’s Courts) and Lily Robert-Everett from (ACCSA) - Convenor Australian Children’s Contact Services Association who backed her work.

Both of these lovely ladies then offered to open Karla's Book launch in Sydney Parliament House on the 3rd of March 2003.

Karla stepped out in Faith. It's as simple as that.

From something that once took control of Karla's life she is now in control of, and looking forward to seeing chains broken off people dealing with Divorce as well. Karla wants to see Children of Divorce strive ahead towards their awesome future.

Since her book launch in 2003, Karla Lee is still pushing ahead to get the word out globally that Children of Divorce deserve to have a VOICE.

In 2014 Karla has released an E-Book version of her Books, and now she has her eye's on the World.

Karla is a fighter and is determined to fulfill what she calls "Her Calling" in life.

Point to remember:

Karla said; "The important thing is to know that a Divorce is not the end of the world for your family. To find peace and happiness doesn’t mean that our parents would have to come back together."

"We shouldn't let situations determine our future happiness. It's a Choice"; says Karla.

You can find healing as Karla did and then move on to fulfilling your destiny. Karla always had a great fear that she would one day be another statistic from divorce, but she now knows she doesn't have to fear that anymore.

During the time of writing these books, God blessed Karla with a wonderful Husband Jay who she loves dearly. He is everything and more than I ever expected. They married in 2001 and now have two beautiful daughters.

We are all on a journey together and we love it.

That's a Miracle right there"; says Karla.

Karla says;

When I look back on my life and what I have been through I am grateful for where I am today, and how far I have come. I know that with my experience through a divorce it’s not a waste but a tool to help others now and show them the peace that they can find.

There is no one quite like Karla Lee, who finds her greatest joy in her faith, her family, her writing, and her public speaking.

“Karla is talented, tenacious, and terrific,”

“This is one dynamite author with a timely message that every parent, social worker, church leader, and child and family counselor needs to hear.”

Karla Lee makes her home in Sydney, Australia, where she continues to write, and Advocate with Voice4Kids.

Her priority has always been her Family and Ministry.

Karla's passion is to see her Girls succeed in their gifts and talents and to always believe in themselves as she has.

Karla is committed to her local home church and praises God for all He has done in her life.